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A new way of looking at IT.

For years, IT companies and their clients have been working against each other. Something breaks, the IT company comes out to fix it, followed by a big bill.

That's all about to change. With Systecpro from IT Solutions, we work with you to make sure that things don't break in the first place. Using a flat-fee monthly approach to billing, our incentive is to keep your network running smoothly. The better we do our job, the less you'll see of us, and the more you'll get out of your network. At last, you can stop paying for downtime. Doesn't that make sense?

preventative maintenance and Support

With the Systecpro Core Plan, you get all the preventative maintenance you would expect from your IT provider once a month - except now you’ll get it every day. We monitor your network for spyware, virus activity, and failed backups and keep your systems patched and updated. Add to that user access to our live service desk for remote support by phone and over the internet, and the Core Plan is a great first step into the Systecpro program.

Server and workstation maintenance and support

Systecpro Guardian extends the benefits of our Advanced Plan to where the real work gets done – the workstation. We know that most support calls can be handled much faster remotely than waiting for an on-site technician, so we give each of your users unlimited access to our live service desk and our on-site engineers. And we still perform all of the monitoring and maintenance of the Core Plan so you don’t have the problems in the first place.